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  • Mike Kelly

    Mike Kelly
    Stateless Founder

    At Stateless we employ our specialist experience, design processes and tools to ensure our clients realise the most value from their APIs.

Passionate about crafting usable APIs We're making the world of APIs beautiful. Here's how we do it:


We work with you to surface the business goals for the API.


We decide on the metrics to measure and track. These will help in understanding whether we are achieving our goals.


We create developer personas to represent the various types of consumer, and a roadmap to deliver features tailored to them.


We offer engineering and product management resources delivered using the best modern processes and tools.

Iterative Design

We employ Lean practice by tracking important metrics and constantly feeding that insight back into the live roadmap.

Testing & Documentation

We provide technical writers, and use the latest tools and techniques to interlace your test suite and your documentation.

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